Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The First Meeting in London

The DRAF opera group met for the first time in London developing a lot of exciting ideas for the Opera. Who's going to win - the minimalists of the bombastictistics? To see images from the meeting click here.

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    Hi everyone!
    Sorry for not having replied before but I have have been sick for quite a while. But finally some ideas are starting to form. Since we did not have the time to introduce our selves I just shortly would like to give you some ideas about where I come from. Central aspects of my work has been to explore different concepts of darkness and illumination in the context of modern urban landscape. In one of my projects I turned off the lights in a central street of Stockholm and organized journeys in tunnels underneath the city. I wanted the participant to walk into the unknown, places unconnected to previous experience, and to physically explore rooms full of darkness My installations often takes place in an urban environment, in the in-betweens of the city, places that were not meant to be, so to say the ”subconscious” of the architecture of the

    Visual perception is often the dominant sense that we use in the gallery situation so what happeneds when we no longer can navigate with help of our eyes, how do we navigate and what new does that bring in to the experience of the perception of space and in connection with other bodies moving in the same space? In connection to the DRAF OPERA, together with you (the once that might be intersted) and the audience I would love explore what happends if you bring in darkness in to the context of the gallery.

    Somehow I think it could be interesting to connect this exploration with notion of Time echos and resonance of the exhibtion that has been, or the history of the place in wich the gallery now is located. Perception of Sound, resonance and vibration of sound connects with this idea. Guided toures, seminars discussions and concerts in darkness would be fun.

    I guess that the suggested topic Time and Space section/movement 4 and 5 is where this idea might fit.

    Love to hear your ideas about the project.

    Take care,