Sunday, November 11, 2012

Participate in the Making of an Opera

An Opera in Five Acts is a project of  Vision Forum realised in collaboration with DRAF.


An Opera in Five Acts is initiated and led by Fatos Ustek and Per Huttner with Ariella Yedgar, Joel Vacheron, Annalisa Sonzogni, Jean Louis Huhta, Anna Berglind and Manuela Ribadeniera.

An Opera in Five Acts is an interactive production of an imaginary opera. Each act is treated as the place a development for one aspect or components that make up an opera. We devote one sessions each to: the libretto, the stage, the musical instruments, the choreography and the music. Opera in Five Acts is based on the conceptual framework of the exhibition "A House of Leaves" and builds on the artworks that are being shown.

An Opera in Five Acts invites the audience to take part in the course of its production. If you want to participate write to info@davidrobertsartfoundation. You are welcome to participate in ACT I-IV. ACT V will not host audience participation. For more info about times for the acts and its content look below.

Act I – 17.11.2012 : Libretto
Please join us for the production of the characters and the script of the Opera.
Led by Ariella Yedgar, Fatos Ustek, Annalisa Soznogni, Joel Vacheron.

Act II – 15.12.2012: Musical Instruments
Please be invited to join Joel Vacheron, Manuela Ribenaidenira, Annalisa Soznogni, Fatos Ustek, Ariella Yedgar and Per Huttner to produce the musical instruments for the characters of the Opera from the installation tools of DRAF.

ACT III – 19.01.2012: Choreography
Conceptualised by Manuela Ribadeneira and Fatos Ustek, realised with Annalisa Sonzogni, Joel Vacheron, Ariella Yedgar, ACT III invites you to take part as performers both on stage, in the orchestra and in the audience.

ACT IV – 26.01.2012: Stage and Lighting
Please join Per Huttner, Fatos Ustek, Annalisa Sonzogni, Joel Vacheron,   Manuela Ribenaidenira creating the stage  and lights for the opera built on ACT III.

ACT V – 09.02.2012: Soundtrack and Scene
Please join us for the hearing of the soundtrack of An Opera... composed by Jean Louis Huhta sourced upon the four former acts, within the scenery conceptualised by Anna Berglind.
(The program is open for changes)

Saturday, November 10, 2012


A. We consider that the most important aspect of any exhibition is what I like to call its 'neomatic dimension'. The exhibition's ability to linger in the visitor's mind and to continue to provoke new thoughts over time.

B. This means that the exhibition is far from over when the gallery closes for re-installation. A successful exhibition will continue to work in the minds of the visitors for decades after its closing date.

C. We would like to build on this, and actually perform the opera after 'The House of Leaves' has closed. It will take place in an undisclosed place at an undisclosed time. This will allow us to trigger the imagination of the audience and the participants in Fig.5 and the people involved in the production of the Opera.